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Blossom Touring Caravan Park

Park Rules
Noise Levels:

Please do not book with us unless you are prepared to be quiet by 10:30pm Loud noise will not be tolerated at all times. 

Pitch available from 1pm   Departure no later than 12am. latest arrival 10pm if you are running late (arriving after 6pm) please call us.. 

Speed Limit:
For the safety of others on the park a speed limit of 5m.p.h. for both cars and bicycles must be kept to, if you speed on the park you will be asked to leave and NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN.

We will try to allocate your favoured booked pitch but due to any unforeseen circumtances, no guarantees can be given.

Ground Sheets:
If using ground sheets they must be breathable. 

Parents are responsible for their children's actions. We ask that children under 10s be accompanied to the toilet block .

Dogs / pets are welcome on the park but must be kept on short leads at all times . Any dog / cat/ animal mess must be picked up and disposed of in the bins provided. NO DANGEROUS BREEDS ARE WELCOME.

We have Ladies, Gents, Disabled   toilets. Disabled toilets are for disabled use only, unless you are asked to use them whilst cleaning is in progress.

Chemical Toilets:
Do not empty toilets down grids on fully serviced pitches as this is unhygienic. please use the elsan tip which is provided.

Barbecues are allowed but must be kept off the grass to avoid damage to the pitch.

Ground fires  / firepits are not permitted anywhere on the park. 

All accidents must be reported to reception and documented in the Park Accident Book.

Recycle Bins:
Are situated to the far right of the reception building.

Please do not drop litter or cigarette ends. There are a number of bins around the park, please use them.

Noise: In respect to others, please use televisions, radios and CD/cassette players at low volume. NO LOUD MUSIC IS PERMITTED AT AT TIME DAY OR NIGHT.

Damage: Anyone found defacing or causing damage to any buildings, equipment or property of the park, faces immediate eviction and prosecution.

Washing Lines:
Please don't not erect washing lines. Rotary washing lines are allowed providing they are out of view of other guests. Otherwise please use our laundry facilities.

We aim to be a family and couples site only and would prefer to have no large groups whether mixed groups or single sex groups; however we may apply discretion in certain circumstances.

All caravans and vehicles parked, stored and moved on and around the site are done so entirely at the owners risk, and the company accept no liability for loss or damage to the property, or injury to the owner and his/her party, howsoever caused.

If the emergency services are required please contact them before us. Then inform  us at reception or opossite at park home anytime.

Detrimenatl Conduct: If a person's conduct is deemed to be detrimental to the well-being or comfort of other park visitors, the management reserves the right to refuse a reservation or to terminate a booking without refund. Foul language will not be tolerated.
Bikes: Children's petrol bikes, scooters, quads etc are not permitted on the park. children must be supervised at all times. 

Gazebos on Caravan Pitches:
Due to fire regulations, legal spacing & the damage that can be caused by unattended gazebos they are only allowed in the normal position of your awning and must not be left erected overnight under any circumstances.

Gazebos on Tent Pitches:
Gazebos can be used within the legal spacing but must not be left erected overnight under circumstances.

Adjoining Golf Course:Anyone found straying or causing damage on the golf course will be asked to vacate blossom park immediately it is your responcibility to stop your children damaging the hedrows and breaking onto the golf course.